Jukebox-Hire is a different experience for music, being an alternative to the traditional ‘DJ type’ party.

The Wurlitzer Jukebox comes with 100 CDs which provides a great selection of music for all ages. With built in bubble-lighting, the 1015 OMT Wurlitzer Jukebox is just so beautiful, and it delivers a great sound as you would expect.

Please see the Prices Page for details on costings.

Accessories available for extra music / lighting

  • The Bose® sub-system, which is offered at £65 as an accessory, works independently from the Wurlitzer Jukebox. This is perfect for background music, a closing playlist or additional music not found on the Jukebox (ideal for a wedding First Dance). Music is played via your smartphone, iPod, tablet, laptop etc. As this operates as a sub-system, it is not connected to the Jukebox. Simply connect the lead (that I provide) to your device, adjusting the volume as required (turn the Jukebox volume to zero when using the Bose speaker).
  • A selection of modern disco lighting, which is a very helpful addition for some venues or marquees. Lighting is charged at £65 as an accessory. Controls are fully automatic.