Risk assessment regarding Jukebox Hire / Covid – 19

The main risk of any germ transmission whilst hiring and using the Jukebox will be the use of the keypad.

The keypad is used to select tracks to be played.

If you wish to protect anyone (let’s suggest aged’ guests or guests with ‘secondary’ health worries) then it may be prudent to ask them not to select their music, but to get someone else to input their selection.

The keyboard is also used to scroll through the ‘book’ of titles. This may be avoided by printing off a few music lists (see the website / music / pdf file).

The Jukebox and keyboard may be cleaned from time to time with an ordinary slightly damp dishcloth or flannel.

My final observation is to make sure your venue has an adequate supply of hand soap and clean towels in the lavatories, something that is not always the case in the hustle and bustle of a long party night.

Risk assessment regarding future bookings for Jukebox Hire / Covid – 19 period on-going

My guess is as good as anyone else’s, and it seems to me that ‘social distancing’ in hotels, restaurants and pubs will continue to be an issue, possibly until a vaccination is widely used.

Although, to the best of my knowledge, the government has not yet stated any actual rules for parties (the type of party having a Jukebox on hire), it looks as if numbers attending could be limited to a factor dependent upon the size of the venue. Some other aspects of a party, such as dancing together, taking food from a buffet, the bar etc. as well as other problems to do with close contact situations, all could cause bookings to be postponed, so that, in time, clients could wait to have the type of party they had envisaged.

In the event of a postponement or cancellation of a Jukebox Hire booking, please refer to the ‘if cancelled by’ date in within your booking letters / emails. This date is extremely near to the date of the booking in order to give clients maximum flexibility. Any money paid, deposit or additional payments, would be refunded if the booking were cancelled before the date stated. In the event of a future postponement, any credits may be switched. All deposits are held by me in a special separate bank account.