Frequently Asked Questions

Height: 152cm | Width: 82cm | Depth: 64cm | Weight: 157 kg
Minimum Floor Area Required: 95cm x 95cm
We cover the north & north east of England, further on request, please get in touch. Be aware that travel charges may apply.
Delivery / collection times have to be arranged with the venue. Delivery and collection times for hires at private houses are of course flexible and would be agreed in advance.
Once set up and delivered by us, the Jukebox and any accessory equipment may not be moved.
Yes, however, this depends upon certain factors. For example the size and quality of the marquee which must be 100% weatherproof and capable of withstanding heavy rain and very strong winds*, the site security, and of course any access problems. (* not suitable for use in a temporary tent or Gazebo).
Our Jukebox requires a 13amp 240v socket within one metre of the jukebox location.
Our Wurlizter Jukeboxes are supplied with 100 cd’s which can’t be changed, see the full list here  (Please see the ‘accessories page’ for details of playing extra music).
Up to seven songs can be pre-loaded into the Jukebox’s memory at any one time. This limit is to stop one from pre-loading too much music.
This may be possible… please ask and explain details.
Yes, Jukebox-Hire has £5m level of PLI. Equipment is fully PAT tested. Certificates are generally sent to each venue in advance.
The hirer has a duty of care regarding the equipment hired. In the event of damage occurring during a hire, the hirer has a duty to make good all losses.