Please find, below, details for costs for the Jukebox Hire and accessory lighting. We wish to accommodate your needs where possible, so should you require something not listed, please ask.

The quotation form will allow you to ask for a quotation.

Wurlitzer Jukebox pricing

The original Wurlitzer Jukebox is hired on a 24 hour basis at £265 (plus transport costs, see below). Second day hire (if available) at £100 (no transport cost).

£265 / 24hours minimum period

Transport costs

Delivery and collection costs from Northallerton are both accounted for within our quotations.

Transport costs, which are calculated for a Jukebox Quotation are calculated as follows:- Driving Time from Northallerton to the venue and back, both for delivery and collection, guided by an on-line route planner, at £10 per hourplus fuel at cost price. For more information please request a quote. (An example: Venue, Lake District, 2 hours each way = 2×4 = £80 plus fuel for 4 x 90 miles, say £45 … total transport cost for Lake District therefore £125 (plus the Jukebox Hire cost of £265).

Bose S1 Speaker

The Bose® S1 Pro sub-system, which is included, works independently from the Wurlitzer Jukebox. This is perfect for background music, a closing playlist or additional music not found on the Jukebox (also ideal for a Wedding First Dance). Music is played via your device (smartphone, iPod, tablet, laptop etc.). As this operates as a sub-system, it is not connected to the Jukebox. Simply connect to your device through the Bluetooth Function or with the lead (that I provide). Adjust the volume as required (turn the Jukebox volume to zero when using the Bose speaker).

This is included with the Jukebox.

Disco Lights

With the Jukebox we can supply basic disco lights; e.g. laser lights / light bars / various suitable lighting. This is mainly used in marquee venues and Village Halls, etc., but not generally required in smaller venues. Please ask for further information. (Photo of light example only, can only be hired with the Jukebox).

£75 / 24hours minimum period